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Quote from downspout View Post :
All, this is basically identical to the Foscam, for $30 less:

Yep, $39.10 shipped.

I currently have two of each running and there are very few differences. Software for one even controls the other. (Haven't been brave enough to try flashing firmware across brands though.)
It may be a knock-off, of a knock-off of a discontinued Foscam fi8908w that is years old, and does'nt have the ir-cut, or wireless N. Ordering it directly from China ought to be a lot cheaper actually. Don't expect any support, or firmware updates, or a warranty that means squat.

It's not comparable to the fi8910w in this post, that has had multiple firmware updates, and a user base that is huge.

Cam it's based on
Foscam Knock-Off Sold by Foscam
Branded Knock-Off

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