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The Job/Shark Tank/Pretty Woman VL

The Job

alphabetical order:

Before she joined The Job, Lisa Ling was host on the daytime talk show __. The View
During each episode of the Job, candidates will also be evaluated by __ companies other than the main company. 3
How many candidates vie for a job opportunity on the show? 5
In addition to hosting The Job, Lisa Ling has a show called __. Our America with Lisa Ling
Last week, Alex flunked the __ at the Palm Restaurant. Wine service
Last week's final challenge involved remembering __. Names
Rebecca and Chris pitched a __ to the Sharks last week. Hoodie pillow
The Job producer Mark Burnett also created the reality show __. Shark Tank
The Job was created by Mark Burnett, who also created the series __. Survivor
The Palm Restaurant was hiring for a __ last week. Assistant Manager
Tonights's episode features a job at a __. Magazine
What is tonight's available position? Editorial assistant
Which tal show host features The Job on the "Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger" segment? Stephen Colbert
Who hosts The Job? Lisa Ling
Who was the winner of the show last week? Jann

Shark Tank

alphabetical order:

Barbara Corcoran made her money in __. Real Estate
Daymond John created __. FUBU
In last week's episode Daymond and __ in on chewing-tabacco
Kevin O'Leary is called __ on the show. Mr. Wonderful
Kevin O'Leary made his money in __. Software
Last week, Jennie pitched the Sharks an environmentally friendly __. Garment bag
Last week, the inventor of the Hoodie Pillow Rebecca Rescate had already had a Shark bite for __. A car toilet trainer
Last week's episode featured an update on __. Ava the Elephant
Mark Cuban owns the __. Dallas Mavericks
My Cold Snap was offered at __ stake to the Sharks last week. 100%
True or False: The Inventor of the garment bag got an offer in last week's episode? FALSE
Two former baseball players pitched a product called __ last week. Grinds
Where was Daymond John born? Brooklyn
Who wound up backing the Hoodie Pillow last week? Robert

Pretty Woman VL answers

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