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Quote from Hawk600 View Post :
My pleasure!
I really liked the Excite as it is thin and well designed but considering the fact that Toshiba won't unlock the boot loader neither is providing OS updates this will be a paperweight soon! Smilie
Asus Transformers are great but have a bad memory management and they lag badly.
Like you I am always looking for a device with Dev support so I love Nexus line but the N10 still too expensive so I also returned mine Smilie and got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB (Cowboom) for $170 and rooted and overclocked it.
I could not be happier and I can now wait for the next Tab generation with the A15 quad core processors.
Good luck!
I like you! I'm what some would call a hacker - my phone's rooted, my router's running 3rd party firmware, my Xbox is modded - I like unlocking and tampering with all of my devices you see Smilie

I take from your post that you recommend the Galaxy Tab 10. If that's the case, then I will keep my eye out for a deal on it. I appreciate your helpfulness!