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Quote from couponhunter View Post :
I never understood this.

So, I am spending $1474 on a Mac and after 3 years what do you think I can get out of it? I am thinking $800-$900 (if I sell it on ebay).

Now suppose I buy a $800 Asus/Samsung, I can get $450 for it after 3 years. Now, haven't both laptops held their value? or if I buy a $500 refurbished Dell/Thinkpad, I can sell it after 3 years for $250-$300.

I like Apple's build and quality control, but fail to see how they yield a better percent return over their competitors.
You buy an apple for $1450, sell it 3 years later for $950, cost you $500 to use. Buy a $800 Asus, sell in 3 years for MAYBE $300 (Not $450, have never seen a pc laptop hold 50% of its value in 3 years), so $500 to use. So for about the same cost I got to use an all aluminum, slim, light laptop with ssd and retina display.

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