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My initial, positive impression has diminished a little.

I had only tested one of the lights. The second unit's dye is definitely from a different bin; the temp is cooler.

Both are above natural light, on the temp scale :
1. Light tint of green, I would guesstimate around 6000K
2. Light tint of purple, I would guesstimate around 7500K

For the non-flashoholics out there: there is a diminishing return/efficiency, as you go over 5800K. When I overlap the two beams on a white wall, No. 1 dominates.

Google link to LED color spectrum scale

Thinking my second light may have been the exception, I purchased a second set. Unfortunately the new lights are in the same temperature range as my second light. On a positive note, all four lights were free of the loose head issue that some have noted; that makes it hard to retain a specific focus.

But all that being said: unless you have warmer beam to compare against, you may not notice.