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The most crucial thing everyone is forgetting is that the right to bear arms is in the U.S. constitution. While people are having a discussion about gun rights, they completely ignore that gun rights are SUPREME LAW. Not "guns, except for _____ & _____ and only _____ amount of bullets"

The federal government has been caught red handed smuggling weapons to criminals, like during the fast & furious operation.

Now the federal government wants to take away the legal right of citizens to have certain types of weapons. They can't force us to give up our 2nd amendment rights, that's why they have to convince people to give them up voluntarily, and a lot of people are being scared into doing it and are trying to force their decision on others.

During the waco siege, the government killed 70+ people, much more than Sandy Hook

More recently, the LAPD shot at innocent civilians during their manhunt for Christopher Dorner.

The Supreme Court ruled the police have no duty to protect you.

Why should U.S. citizens lose their rights because of a crazy man? Lunatics will always exist, but you don't lose your rights because of lunatics. This implies that the gun caused the crime, when it didn't.

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