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Quote from un_plug View Post :
BS. I have never paid retail for a mac. Looking in the archives just like you did, 2010 postings, what's this- 13" macbook pro new for $1049, another posting for $999.
I've sold my macbooks every 2-3 years since 2005 and have always gotten around 70% back (though I do take ridiculous care them, even keep the original wrapping inside the box).

Cheapest I saw for a T410 new (not refurb or end of 2010- making it a year old model ) was $650
So, Macbook bought $1050, sold in 3 years for 700, cost $350. Thinkpad, bought for $650, sold for $300. Cost $350. Seems even to me. And that's with a highly regarded thinkpad, try selling an Asus or Toshiba for 50%.
Which brings me to my final note.
Macbooks are just easier to resell too, simply cause there's less of them, both in quantity and models- Apple might have 4 different 13" in a year. PC maker, 12+, and that's just one manufacturer. There are sooo many pc laptops it makes reselling one a bear.
I'll add a specific example:
Apple makes all their products of decent quality. Dell has low end , mid end , and high end models which really confuses most consumers.

A Dell Precision is way higher than any other Dell line and is better than almost every single Windows based PC line but most people will think you bought an Inspirion since they don't know the difference.

Apple only offers mid end laptops so if you bought a MacBook Pro , people know exactly what you bought.