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Quote from Cubeeless View Post :
What about if I put my own SSD and RAM in the macbook. Is it still under applecare or jut the original parts?
If something other than the SSD or RAM that you installed, the rest of the computer is still covered. It is best practice though to reinstall the original HDD (or SDD) and RAM before taking it to Apple though. This just makes things easier for everyone involved and rules out the possibility of one of those components causing the issue.

Quote from epik View Post :
i never bought applecare... after 3 months is it too late? it's a 2012 macbook air.
You have all the way up to the end of the regular Manufacture's Warranty to purchase AppleCare. This is 1 year for US purchases.

FWIW, I have bought AppleCare for all of my Macs so far. I have cashed it in on a couple. For my MacBook, the charger died and was replaced under AppleCare, and my iMac had a hard drive failure that was also replaced under AppleCare. It has since come to light that they hard drive failure was actually due to a shoddy Seagate drive that has since been recalled and Apple has issued a full replacement plan for everyone, regardless of AppleCare.