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i tried hooking up a 1tb backup seagate, no power brick type. It looked like you had to buy their backup software that was installed in the drive. You only got a 30 day free period. i have a 2TB expansion drive and it also makes you buy their backup software if you want to use it. Acronis 2013, i happened to buy on sale, and I tried to backup my desk top after my laptop , said i needed another license. I started looking and there is plenty of open sourse free ware out there. That is the way i am going. Acronis just f'd themselves with that move. Seagate doesnt have the imput votgage and amperage for the brick on the input jack, and on their forums another person had tried to find out, seagate support had no idea and couldnt help him, plus the brick has no seagate markings at all, just a generic chinese switching brick. Luckily another buyer gave the 12v and 1.5 info needed. It is very rare that i see a input on a piece of equipment not marked with the voltage and amps,worse that customer support has no idea. Guess i need to research which brand drives are good since i need to clone one..