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Quote from PeteyTheStriker View Post :
This product does support the digitizer but you have to buy it separately. One comes with the dock if you buy the dock. Looking under accessories for the Q702 on the Fujitsu site the pens separately are $49.

Just looked at a unboxing video, i think it was in french on youtube.... But im pretty sure he took out a digitizer from the box, with a clamp on pen holder.
Are you sure? I'm pretty certain that a digitizer pen will come with the tablet itself. The dock has a silo for the pen, but you shouldn't have to buy the pen itself seperately.

I can also testify Fujitsu's build quality. I've been using my T2010 for the past 5 and half year and it still going strong. I've been abusing the rotation joint countless time by holding the laptop at the screen only or try rotating the screen one hand in the air. And this thing is still going strong. The only reason I'm replacing it now is that the CPU is showing its age. It's fine for office work, but I need to do number crunching for time to time. Well, that and the fact that I need a new toy Smilie

I'm very tempted by this deal+buying a dock. I have a Surface Pro coming in two days (got one with Staples $75 off coupon). The Surface Pro has a higher resolution screen and faster CPU, but Q702+dock has way more ports and longer battery life. This is a hard decision. Frown