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The Simpsons Viggle Live Q&A – 8 questions (75 potential points)
*VL will repeat for MST & PST timezones & may not be in the same order as ET

Which adorkable actress voiced Mary Spuckler on last week's episode?. Zooey Deschanel
Who is Bart Simpson's best friend?. Millhouse
Last week, Bart was more focused on playing ______ than hanging out with Mary. Video Games
Homer usually hangs out in a bar called _______. Moe's Tavern
Last week, Mary Spuckler dumped Bart so she could go out with a boy from _______. Brazil
Where does Homer Simpson work?. A power plant
When Marge kicked Homer and Bart out of the house last week, they decided to move into the ______. Brokewood Apartments
Who is the Mayor of Springfield?. Joe Quimby
Viggler: 1 device Iphone 4 ios/ Ipad 1st generation