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Quote from JMUFly View Post :
You guys think this will run a 50" plasma and receiver? I have one for my htpc (850AVR), but it pretty much just does the HTPC, xbox, and blu-ray.
Yes it will. I have the same unit I purchase from costco couple years ago (which I'd started a thread on back in 2011 when Costco first started carrying this UPS). It is powering my 65" plasma TV, an HTPC with 4 HDD and cablecard tuner, and high end Denon receiver. The point is to protect the equipment, not to run it. My HTPC is set to power down after two minutes of being on UPS power.

It will run all of the above for about 5-8 minutes, provided the TV is not on a pure white screen.

PS I used this UPS to charge my cell phone and run my fish tank's filter when hurricane Sandy hit and I lost power for 6 days. Not continuously of course. Ran it on and off and it lasted the 6 days. I have two of them.

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