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Quote from soarwitheagles View Post :
Thanks guys!

It appears to be quite the good deal! And I like the idea of a 4TB drive rather than two 2TB drives! Less power right?

Based on feedback in the Costco thread regarding the drive (if you buy it in store) if it has a sticker that says "Windows 7/Mac OSX" then it likely has a 7200 rpm Barracuda XT drive in the enclosure, however if it says "Windows 8/Mac OSX" it is likely a 5900 rpm version "green" version. I picked one up and:
  • don't like the enclosure "case" - as others have mentioned no breathing room and my 7200 drive hit over 60C in it
  • don't like the dock as when my system booted with the drive connected it wasn't recognized... had to power cycle the dock for it to show up in windows7. Also if I left the drive connected in this state it would run and get hot even with no data transferring
  • this seems to be a dock problem since I have another usb3 external drive that this doesn't happen on (500gb Toshiba Canvio).

Anyways, after doing a few transfer tests and making sure the drive worked ok, I pulled it out and placed it in my htpc/gaming pc... After putting it in my htpc, it runs nice and cool ~40C even during large transfers.