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Quote from smegalicious View Post :
And pigs police do their job for free?

And pigs police do not attempt to further their own careers?

And no former cop has ever written a book or otherwise drawn on his/her leo experience to make additional money?
I may have misread your post, it sounded like you were comparing the difference between the biased writer of the op-ed piece and a former LEO. Dontknow

Quote from smegalicious View Post :
Some do, some don't. If it's okay for you to make such over-generalized claims and claim that they're factual, then certainly it must be okay for others to do as well...
Just the facts, ma'am. Some do.

Quote from smegalicious View Post :
Encouraging (or even permitting) known perjury is grounds for disbarment. Again, does it happen? I'm sure it does. But it's also a fact that the frequency is unknown to either of us, despite our anecdotal evidence.
It goes both ways and the entire point here is that the one-sided biased writer of the op-ed article focused only on the rare instances of LEO's perjuring themselves, giving the false impression to the uninformed reader that a large majority of LEO's are guilty of perjury and completely ignored the fact that liars lawyers and their guilty clients are just as capable of lying in court, and certainly more often.

Quote from smegalicious View Post :
The writer is merely as biased as you are.
And you are not? Whistling

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