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Quote from AnonymousUser View Post :
Two reasons: If the power is off for less than 30 seconds you are not affected. If it is more than 30 seconds, you can see to cleanly shut off the thin-client or DVD player you are using to watch content. My thin-client loops and tries to reconnect to the server when it is powered off. I need the power button on the remote to be hit within 3 seconds when it displays the menu or it starts up again. Also, if it loses power or the switch on the device itself is used, it has to reload drivers on start-up.
I run a APC J25 model with a 55" LED TV, Yamaha HTR-7065, Panny BD and cablebox. It won't hold it for more than a few minutes but as said, it protects them from brownouts and gives me a chance to switch them off..

Living in Tampa Bay and being subjected to TECO's regular brown-outs, this is an absolute must. I lost a 3 month old LCD Tv a few years back as TECO subjected me to 3 succesive brownouts in 2 minutes. At the 3rd brownout, the TV's PSU gave up. Luckily Philips replaced it under warranty.

The LCD TV and HTB unit in my bedroom are on a same J25. Both gotten when WorstBuy had them for $99.

I rather replace a $99 UPS than $1500 worth of electronic equipment. With TECO's track record, almost everything electronic in the house is on one UPS or another.
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