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Beat you to it, Mav, I've been looking at those newer ones with the 730M and they seem to perform like a 640M which is a good thing. I am trying to get everything though, 17 inch at 1600x900 or better, quad core i7, discrete graphics. Right now that's a $739 computer with the GT640M GPU:

I have seen similar refurbished ones on eBay anywhere from $649 to $729 the last week. I might be willing to spend a bit more to get it brand new instead, but I am cheap, and if I can get a used one for $550-$600, or a refurb for $650, I'll do it. Best at the moment is $699:

I've found a running white Ford Gran Torino station wagon for $800 which is just like my sedan and I think I want to get that and hold off on the laptop for a couple months. It's easy to find a laptop deal. It's not easy to find Torino wagons in any condition let alone running and driving for less than three grand. This sucks, I was all set to get a new laptop and now this.