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Quote from pjsammy View Post :
How hard is it to take that desktop back to Windows XP? Is that even possible (I have an extra, never installed copy still).

That machine is pretty appealing to replace my wife's 5 year old desktop (possibly a latitude?). She's a general internet & word processor user. The only thing out of the norm that she does is lots of pdf & spreadsheet work (works from home on insurance filings). Nothing like video or graphics editing (and no gaming for sure). Her current computer has never had a problem with the heavy lifting on those spreadsheets/pdfs. What do you guys think of going with the $250 model above or that $379 660s deal out there as well. Of course the $379 is a better system...but also 50% more!
The $250 model can handle your wife's tasks just fine. Yes, the $379 system is more capable but unless your wife is using that capability, it's a waste of money.