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Sup Corwin!

good price but i can't help myself to criticize how they count each bit and hex key as a piece in the set. they always do "fillers" like this lol.

i bought the 192pc set for $130 during Craftsman Club and Craftsman tried to pull the same stunt lol, so i realized i was better off buying 2 x 26pc wrench sets for $50 each, and a FULL 82pc socket set for $42. yeah that's right...i went back to the store and found the 26pc metric wrench combo set Made in USA! they had 2 left...the rest were all Made In China
yeah i spent an extra $12 but i got all of the wrench sizes i could need for a lifetime and every socket size in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 in both 6pt and 12pt.

but all in all, these mechanics tool sets are a good starting point. my girlfriend got me the 192 pc but i ended up returning it and buying different sets together. TU and Rep'd nonetheless (as usual)

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