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Quote from TRNT View Post :
Yet it is not in the Constitution.

The right of the Senate to create its own rules is though.
Quote :
Blocking such a high-level presidential appointee is a rare move. Since 1917, when the Senate’s modern filibuster rules were created, a cabinet-level nominee has faced a supermajority barrier to confirmation only twice: Ronald Reagan’s nominee for commerce secretary in 1987, C. William Verity Jr., and George W. Bush’s nominee for interior secretary in 2006, Dirk Kempthorne.
Verity was filibustered by ... Republicans. Kempthorne's nomination was threatened with filibuster but Dems crossed the aisle to vote to close debate, so calling that a filibuster is not exactly telling the whole story. If Republicans crossed the aisle to vote for cloture right now, would we still call it a filibuster? No, of course not.

Dishonest post is dishonest.

Funny story about Kempthorne: He's the one that got his bathroom remodeled for $220k taxpayer dollaz. And when he was investigated by the Senate, they found him and his leadership deleting emails. And of course he was the head when MMS was found taking money from oil companies for personal use. Oh, and there was cocaine use at their parties. Oh, and employees were banging reps of the industry they were supposed to be regulating.

Great choice to stand tall on. Really, a top quality guy.

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