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Quote from davejfr0 View Post :
Several questions before I bite on this M4…

Can one partition this SSD for dual-boot service(I was thinking half and half) without shortening the life span of the drive? (XP and Windows 7)

What kind of solutions are people using to protect against SSD failure? I'm scared of losing everything…the OS, downloaded games, etc… Are people RAID1-ing their SSD with a HDD? Does this impact gaming or other performance, especially if the drive one is RAID1ing to is of a larger size?
i have had a 128gb M4 for over a year now and never had a single problem with it. i backup to a HDD (not raid) weekly. games installed on a SSD load almost instantly. you may not see any boost in FPS, but for me the time saved on loading screens is huge.

one downside, you will never be able to read a load screen "tip" or "hint" again...