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Quote from davejfr0 View Post :
How are you backing up? What SW? If you ever had to restore, how would you go about it? Would you have to reload the OS, etc? How does that work in the terms of product keys? Would you have to buy the OS again or will it let you re-use it on the same drives? Not sure how that all works, but trying to save the hassle the best I can in case of a giant HW failure.
I go about backing up my SSD as I would an HDD - it's really not any different. I run Microsoft SyncToy regularly with it configured to back up directories of importance for me. I currently run one SSD as a boot drive and an HDD as a data/storage drive. SyncToy backs up part of each drive for me onto my external HDD with a click of a button. In the event of a crash, you would have to reinstall the operating system and all of your downloaded/installed apps/games unless you are using a backup solution that is creating images/clones of your drives, which will be much more cumbersome to do on a regular basis, but you would not have to buy your products (OS, apps/games) again. Those are usually attached to an account for the app/game, and, if not, normally allow you to simply reuse the product key on a new installation, but at the cost of a deactivation of the old installation (which wouldn't be a problem in this case).

Don't stress out about SSD failure - you're much more likely to have HDD failure will with an SSD.