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Quote from weigle2 View Post :
The APC J25 is great for HT use. In fact, the deal you got from BB was probably posted by me. It's been the ONLY deal I ever posted. LOL
I got one in January 2012 and the other one last month from BB when they had it at that price again. Based on my experiences with the 1st one I decided to upgrade my bedroom setup from a APC BE550 to a J25.

My main workstation UPS just died. Guess I better make a trip to Costco this week and get thet Cyberpower one. Beats the Tripplite 550 for $40 at Staples. We use the Tripplite 350 at work ( we buy them by the dozen literally and I swear they don't last as long as a comparable APC. Also they don't have a removable battery making disposal more of a hassle.

I wish Belkin had not left the UPS biz. Being in Tampa Bay, mine generally died within 2.5 years so well within the warranty period. Belkin would send me a new one for the cost of me shipping the old one back. Most of th time the new ones would be a bit powerful as well. Smilie
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