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Quote from TRNT View Post :
You have many good and valid points. I even agree with your disagreement with pay increases based on seniority. However, I do not agree that their total compensation package is high. Here, for example, is one retirement package that I am familiar with: you earn 2.5% of your salary per year of service and you also lose your employer subsidizing your health ins cost. (And with no cost of living increase after your retire.) What do people think a teacher should retire on, 50% of their salary?
I'm a big 401k person.. in fact I'd take a 401k over a pension any day of the week. Medical is it's own confusion especially with ObamaCare coming into effect (I have no clue whether it impacts retired teachers). I know in some areas teachers get full retiree healthcare coverage until 65 (when medicare kicks in). I believe teachers average ending salary is typically somewhere in the $70k region also.. So I they would have a decent bit saved after that time period, especially since their college loans are all forgiven after 10 years of public service. Many people today have loans that extend 25 years.. to be "forgiven after 10 yrs" that's a good.. $45k+ incentive (taking into account interest etc..)

Quote :
And one question about Japan: does a major political party and a large segment of the population malign and badmouth teachers and use them as scapegoat? IMO, our other problem with our education system is the fact that it has become a political/partisan matter.
I don't know the answer to that question.. but it would hard to badmouth such a successful area in Japan. I have doubt that the way political partisanship in this country in terms of education, has an adverse affect on it's results.
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