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Quote from DJPlayer View Post :
retirement? health? pregnancy? moving? But 20.6% of those leaving the career did so "to pursue another career". LOL..
So Teacher A says they're quitting the profession because they don't like the salary. Teacher B says they're quitting because they don't like the job responsibilities (say, dealing with rotten kids). Teacher C says he's quitting "to pursue another career."

Question: What happened to Teacher A and B after they quit? Did they wade into the ocean, never to be heard from again? Did they go to a mountaintop and wait for God to take them to heaven?

No. They..."pursued another career." The responses overlap. One person may select the "did not like salary" response and the "job responsibilities" response without selecting the "to pursue another career" response because it stands to reason that if they're leaving one profession, they'll be entering another.

I think it's fairly safe to assume that many if not most people who train for a profession for 5 years, land a job, and then work several years in that profession don't quit said profession because everything was fantastic. People don't just wake up in their perfect lives and for no apparent reason decide they always wanted to be cowboys.
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