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Quote from EYEL1NER View Post :
I don't know what Lollipop Chainsaw you are talking about, but the one I played had tons of unlockables and collectables, special enemies and collectables that were only found on harder difficulties, and a great scoring system that encouraged replays of levels to place higher in the leader boards.
It had an old-school replayability that is absent in a lot of games nowadays, actual unlockables rather than DLC. Maybe 10 years ago it wouldn't have seemed like much, by going off of what the current gaming climate looks like, it is a lot.
Quote from spydersdeals69 View Post :
That's why I said, "virtually." While others might not have the cash or desire for more than one game, I personally find no joy in farming the same entire single-player camaign again and again and again, just to unlock something. Sure, you can replay it, bit it's the same thing. When I think of "replayability," I think of truly epic games like Bioshock, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Uncharted, etc...or perhaps a multiplayer game where the play changes depending on mode, enemy skill, etc. Life is too short to waste on replaying mediocre games like this just to unlock a new costume!
Your choices are shooter, shooter, rpg shooter, shooter, and more shooters. No wonder we have Call of Duty 100 now. Wink Lollipop Chainsaw might not be the best hack n slash game but it certainly is somewhat original. We need developers to create more original games instead of milking the same genre over and over again. That said, I do like the Uncharted series. For some reason, it just has the right feel for me. Generally, I don't like slow turtle speed modern shooters. I came from the Doom/Quake days and I prefer the frantic action that the old shooters offered than what is available now.

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