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Quote from tranceFusion View Post :
any luck getting more than 2 shipped to same address with different emails or virtual card #'s?
Quote from salmanslim View Post :
lol it wont take my visa

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use a fake name. Add APT #4930 (or some random value) after street name (eg. 14 SLICKDEALS WAY APT #4930)

use a VCC with $5 value (used BoA VCC works all the time)
Quote from tjhook :
You'll get crazy newbies who call 3x a day for 2 weeks straight, and post argumentative paranoia demanding the rebate is guaranteed, in writing, by certified mail, on their doorsteps, by tomorrow evening. Then all the other newbie sheep freak out, and THEY call 3x a day, for 2 weeks straight, and the paranoia explodes. And suddenly everyone's carting their paper back to the retailer demanding a refund.
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All those who CALLED to confirm.... Your dad should have silently slept that night.