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Quote from smsmcfarland View Post :
My budget I guess could be around $300-500 to add to the current build (unless I don't have to and only need a video card), I don't really want to scrap it yet.
You don't "scrap" it, you "strategically re-purpose" it as a file server or HTPC or...whatever. I think you should pony up for new guts and recommend the following:

When you add THIS COMBO [] to your cart at newegg you get an i5-3570K, MSI Z77 Thunderbolt mobo and 1x8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM for $375, with a MIR for $15 bringing the damage down to $360. Add THIS SAPPHIRE 7870 XT [] for $245 after another $15 MIR and you will have an incredibly capable gaming rig which should carry you well for a while. I realize this is a bit over your budget but the Intel chip and overclock-friendly GPU together are worth the extra hundred bucks or so as you won't get anywhere near this performance by upgrading the CPU or GPU individually.

Don't know if the RAM add-on is a fluke or not but it's a right fcuking decent deal for this setup outside of you driving your ass to a MicroCenter. Christ, at least spend the extra $60 on the CPU/MOBO/RAM before you drop $300 on a 660Ti, you'll get a lot more bang for the buck. Promise. But what the hell do I know. Go buy some overpriced POS Nvidia* card instead because that will make you happy.

*DISCLOSURE: I don't hate Nvidia. Well, yes, I do, but not out of any AMD fanboy-type bullshit. I hate their new stance on overclocking (essentially that there shouldn't BE any) plus they charge overly hefty margins because their software does indeed work much better than what AMD can muster. IMO there is only one worthy NV card - the 670 - and only at the ~$300 price point. Otherwise AMD just kills it with value and OC headroom. That 7870 XT costs less and should kick the teeth out of the 660Ti when properly tuned

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