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Thank you , sn_85,

I have been on the HP WHS EX495 and EX470 running in parallel. I recently suffered a 2TB drive loss. and realize that many of my 1TB drives, 1.5 TB drives, and even 2TB drives, all of which are western digital green drives. are going to go probably sooner rather than later. I have not have good luck with the WD EARS 2TB Green drives. I think i have had two of them go in the last year. I also use the sans digital enclosures x 2 (1 with each WHS box) I cant complain. Ive replaced one power supply in 4-5 years on the boxes. Im just want to move to something with smaller footprint for energy and isnt soo loud. The innitial investment will be k, and one OS drive. inda steep, but I am glad to hear you speak of the migration to the DSM experience with synology as a positive one.

I cant complain overall about WHS, my 2TB drives capped out at 48 each from staples before the floods. The most recent failures hit about 3 months outside mfg warranty on drive. I never did get around to fixing the head park issue , ( didn't actually know about it till i started researching issues with the the green drives, EADS, EARS. etc.

Oh well. Time getting close to move to Synology platform.