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I disagree with you. We already have limits on campaign contributions so obviously further limit would/could fly.

The influence of money on our elections notwithstanding, we have free enough elections that IMO talk of revolution is ridiculous. But sadly, there are a small group of people and politicians who have seen their grip on power irreversibly weakened and as a result are intent on destroying our government and wishing for revolution. Hopefully they will be ignored by the general populace and even shunned and ostracized.
Free elections? I guess that depends on how you look at it. Your choices are Dumb or dumber. Both of which will take more of your freedoms and spend more of your great-great-great-great grand-children's money. And to say we have limits on campaign contributions is ludicrous. This POTUS more than ever has flaunted that when his entire campaign was financed by "private" entities with NO accounting/auditing. This is important and goes to my first point that he with the most money wins. If you have a benefactor with nefarious intentions they can get whoever they need elected with enough money, again as proven with the current POTUS.

I think you underestimate man's desire for freedom. Freedom has been so usurped under the past few administrations, especially this one, that revolution is more possible now than ever. Gun-control legislation could very well be the last straw. Certainly granting amnesty to 10 million new Democrat voters will make a big impact. Not wanting to believe it will only leave you unprepared when it happens. Minimizing it by saying it is a "small" group may work on some people, but the majority are not going to be swayed by the left's misinformation and propaganda campaign. The truth is too hard to hide anymore.
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