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Quote from Bdubslawman View Post :
It's not a "gimmick", and I'm sure your old Samsung displayed it I've never seen a 60Hz LCD that didn't. But to you like many people, the reality is that to our brains that's normal. It's like having a TV with a flashlight issue say up in the upper left hand corner. I can overlook / ignore an issue but if it comes to my attention, I like many others can become hyper-focused on it. That's the way judder is to me, also partly because depending on the source material the "fix" can be less desirable than blur/judder.
A lot of people don't like the 120Hz effect. For most things I don't, but it doesn't mean it's a gimmick, it's an interpolation technique that varies in implementation from TV brand to brand & within those brands from line to line.
Looking at certain videos in 120Hz gives me a sense like I'm in a dream mode, my brain really objects to this, it can feel fake like the characters are floating almost 3D like. But it's all dependent on multiple factors; the content/material and how it was shot etc., and how well the TV handles the material.

But that wasn't the point that person I think was trying to make, and that is that these along with several other LG lines this year are listed as being 120Hz Tru-motion when they are in fact LOCKED @ 60Hz maximum refresh rate on the panels and instead they are attempting to implement a process they call black frame insertion. However given the budget nature of the LED arrays these and the other TVs are not able to even correctly implement a true black frame.
It's not 120Hz... it's locked. Read the above linked article from HDGURU. When they called LG on this B$. And many other consumers complained they added a FAKE ANTI-JUDDER setting in a firmware update but it does not change the TV from a 60Hz locked TV. I don't believe they have issued any such fake firmware setting for these series.

For those dealing with the Active vs Passive debate this is an interesting read:
Of course there are those like Joe Kane and one other who uses non-scientific methods to conclude it can't be 1080P but interesting. I find the LG Passive 3D to be better to watch.
I think you misunderstood my point. I fully realize how 120 hz TV's function, that was actually my point. Interpolation is a guess, nothing more, as to what comes between each shot frame. Beyond the fact that the image can't possibly be 100% correct, to accomplish this the TV actually buffers the incoming video stream so it has two frames to interpolate. What this means is in instances where you want the most lag free gaming experience, 120 hz televisions can actually hinder gaming. Each set is different and I believe the "Game Mode" on many sets disables the 120 hz functionality.

Oh come on, judder? First off the person would need to own a Blu ray player capable of outputing 24p content. Secondly, beyond Blu ray there is no other source video that 120hz set will correct. Broadcast and gaming both do 60hz signals which judder would still exist regardless of the TV. Beyond judder issues, the human eye can't see much difference at rates above 60 hz anyways, but feel free to Google. It's all over the web.

In regards to my TVs, the only difference I could ever tell between my 32" 7 year old Samsung LCD and my high end 50" Panasonic Plasma and 61" Samsung DLP was black levels and solarization. It had a horrible contrast ratio (a hall mark of it's age) but no, I could never tell a difference in sports nor could I tell a difference in resolution (720p vs 1080p) unless I sat closer than 7-8 feet. I just replaced it with a 43" Samsung Plasma and the black levels are noticeably better and solarization is improved, but still not absent. EDIT: Also add ghosting, another hall mark of it's age, but that has to do with the LCD response time, not the refresh rate of the TV.

In regards to this set, you are correct, it is not a true 120hz set. My point was don't let that deter you from buying it. It's a fantastic set at a great price.

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