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Need help through all of this and 90% of it is over my "technical" head....

I currently have a crappy Belkin N150 router...which has been serviceable but with noticeable drops. I have recently started using Directv Cinema Connection to watch the first two seasons of Homeland and have had major issues. Our ISP tests out between 10-16 Mbps on yet when I download an episode my wireless internet basically shuts down while the show is downloading. I have been through Directv and Comcrap (ISP provider) and had no luck other than both saying it is the others fault or the fault of my crappy wireless router.

We just need a serviceable wireless router to run a few laptops, ipods, touchpads (not all at same time) and occasionally download shows via Directv, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

I will not venture into changing the firmware...and whatever else is being discussed here.

Simple question: Is this a decent router out of the box for the money for our needs?

Thanks again to the Slickdeal community. Over the years I have gained a lot and not been able to offer much but still appreciative (I have found several slickdeals only to find that I was beaten to the punch by a better slickdealer...hey, at least I search before 're-posting".)