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Quote from OSUgirl View Post :
the lowest price for 55 inch ST50 was Jan. 2012 when it was $899 at frys. Some got amazon and bestbuy to match the price.

does ST50 worth the extra compare to this UT50 $699?
If you cannot control the light in your viewing area, you might want to pay more for the ST50. See my earlier post

Quote from soobaerodude View Post :
I've had a Panasonic plasma for 10 years, and thought the lack of anti-glare filter on the UT50 was overrated. How could it be worse than my old plasma? But in fact it was. Beautiful picture at night with the lights out, but trying to watch in the daytime, or with the lights on behind me, and there was mirror-like glare, especially in dark scenes.

I ended up returning the UT50 and getting an ST50. If you cannot control the light in your viewing environment, you might want to skip the UT50 and get at least an ST50