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Quote from OstrichSak View Post :
I wanted to get some input from people on how this would compare to my current router. I'm currently running a Cisco/Linksys E3000 w/Tomato firmware. It seems alright for the most part but I have some network issues from time to time that I'm attributing to my router.

I'm currently running the following on 2.4GHz WiFi:
9 wireless IP cameras
2 wireless smart TVs
3 mobile phones

Then wired I have:
Office PC w/Gigabit connection
2 Homerun HD Primes w/6 TV tuners
4 Xbox 360's acting as front-end devices connected via 10/100
Network printer shared via office PC that's always on for TV functionality

As you can see, I've got a fairly good demand for a home network. I do newsgroups/torrent stuff in addition to recording HD programming from the tuners constantly. I play games on LIVE and for the most part that all seems to hum along just fine. The issues I seem to have are when I try to stream larger size & higher bitrate MKV files from movies that I download. These files can be anywhere from 5-12gb depending on compression. I will get a stuttering video and have stripped all of my codecs and started fresh with a setup (by Shark007) that works flawlessly for my buddy who has pretty much the same setup (less router) on the same files. I tried going to a gigabit switch for the tuners & PC hoping that it would help with this issue thinking maybe the router was having issues with higher bitrate files handling them via the LAN ports but that didn't seem to change anything.

I also tend to drop wireless connection from time to time and get horribly slow traffic which I attribute to the 2.4GHz band being occupied by all my wireless devices as well as a few networks of my neighbors within range.

I'm kind of tired of third party firmware (ran DD-WRT on a few previous routers) and all the complications that come with flashing/running them and would prefer an out-of-the-box solution and it seems like this router is a pretty solid performer in that respect so I'm thinking about buying this one to test out and then using my other router as a wireless bridge to get better WiFi out to my shop or possibly even selling it on CL.

If you've made it this far, bless your heart! You might be more of a tech geek than me. lol

ouch, that's a lot of high demand wireless clients.

Are any of them capable of 5ghz? you might want to move them to the 5ghz. I'm guessing the 2.4ghz is getting swamped.