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Quote from mma123 View Post :
I have one for around 1 and 1/2 years. I installed DD-WRT right away, but my experience was not good -- dropped wireless connections, problem with b+g mode. Recently, I installed OpenWRT and am happy with the performance. For me, DD-WRT interface was more intuitive, OpenWRT is not. I will need to spend some time to learn about it.
I too had a problem with a different TP-Link router dropping signal or needing to be reset. It mainly happened when I was running 2 xbox's at the same time but one was on N and the other on G. It seems a lot of N routers don't like this and so I would recommend basically what this guy [] (scroll up after clicking) is explaining in his post.

I didn't do it exactly the same way. Mine is set up so I know which router/access point I am connecting to but same general idea. Ever since then I haven't had problems or had to reset the routers and it has been smooth sailing since.