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Quote from procop View Post :
That US CEO is an idiot.
France productivity is higher than Germany's and much higher than of Britan's.

and right by Ireland.. so they come in 7th place (still below the United States).

But then when you look at PPP per person..

they fall down to 15th

but they also have one of the youngest workforces in the world.. because their effective active retirement age is 59.1 even though the official is 60.

So does is surprise you that younger people who work the least amount of hours per year do more per hour than others PER HOUR? When you start looking at how much they do annually though.. it starts looking much more dismal.

So why do Americans do more do more per hour.. and do more annually? On top of that we have an older workforce that still accomplishes this (our effective retirement age is almost 6 years later than France)..

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