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Quote from jamegumb View Post :
I'd love to see more on that. Have they denied the needles? (Do people inject herbal supplements?)

Obviously I don't know all the facts. The weird part about it to me is: if you really want to kill someone, shooting through a bathroom door doesn't seem like the most effective way to do it.

But it's quite possible Pistorius wasn't thinking straight; could be drug or alcohol related.

EDIT to add: here's a Slate article on the testosterone / steroid debate/retraction from today:

It's hasty to call them "steroids", it seems. But it still may be testosterone.
If you are a pro athlete I honestly would not be even remotely shocked to see injectable supplements in your home. About a decade ago I was researching a substance which is a natural antioxidant, but at the time wasn't considered effective if taken orally. So your only option would have been injection. So it's very plausible that athletes would be taking some odd shit in injectable form.

And yes, I would think before you shoot an intruder you'd want to at least see them first to make sure it was an intruder. If you hear noise coming from somewhere your first instinct shouldn't be to shoot and then ask questions later.
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