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Quote from Sultanofdeals View Post :
How is the fan noise on this computer?
Almost DEAD quiet!

Quote from COKEORPEPSI50 View Post :
Today I was at the Office Depot in Montgomery, IL to buy a couple of this laptop using the Staples coupon. After about 30-40 minutes of them checking if they can honor it, they decided they could honor it. After I had already concluded the transaction with my signature, one of the employees cut off the register. After waiting another 10-15 minutes they decided they couldn't honor it.

So after waiting about an hour and after finalizing the transaction they took away the laptops that they told me they were going to honor it and now I have nothing. The charge is on my card too yet I don't have the item to show for it. I'm usually patient with these type of things but that was ridiculous with how they handled. Not honoring it is one thing, but to make me wait all that time, say they're going to honor it, finalize the transaction and then take it away. Wow!
Quote from Averwind View Post :
Went to OD, found the laptop I wanted. Showed the coupon and they said OD doesn't price match electronics. What? ...
Quote from flclempire View Post :
Each OD is different in that way, sadly.

I walked right in and went to the cashier and said, "My friend said you guys have honored coupons for him before, I'd like to use this one" and I handed them the staples coupon. Worked like a charm, no manager needed. I really suggest not timidly asking if they honor coupons. If you make it seem like you came there convinced they do honor, then they won't try to weasel out of it for fear of wasting the time of a determined customer.
Okay guys, DON'T let them weasel out of honoring their corporate policies! Here is a link where I provided Office Depot info on competitor coupon and price policy...

If they made ME wait for an hour to check out I'd have made them call their regional manager or the cops! I checked out with two card for two separate computers on Monday in about 3 minutes took about 7 minutes to get the adjustments tonight...THAT is how service is supposed to work. Big Grin

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