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Quote from nobama View Post :
That's exactly correct. I've corresponded with one of the sponsors of this bill and that describes him exactly. He is a very cocky jerk. His goal was to poke a stick in the eye of the law-abiding gun owner and NRA members, who he despises. The sponsors thought they had a slam-dunk with the political climate the way it currently is, so much so that he didn't even need to read the bill prior to submitting it. The problem is that their amended version that they will re-submit will be almost as bad, but minus the "inspection" clause. They'll come up with a work-around on that one.
I'm honestly a bit shocked that this sort of thing even has a shot in passing. Granted it's been about 20 years or so since I've lived in WA, but I recall it as a firearms friendly state... I always believed the crime rate was low due to half the state or so packing.

I'm guessing it's going to get worse before it gets better. I don't envy law enforcement in being placed in the position it is likely to find itself in, being essentially at war with the populace. I guess we'll find out who the oath keepers are soon enough.
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