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Quote from marketfool View Post :
How are you getting the 2 RZ accounts to work? I also have 2 but haven't been able to in a couple of weeks. Send me a private message if you want or post it here.
I have 4 FB accounts with 2 RZ accounts. I've been using the link in the SD thread to take the polls. I click on it and then sign in to the 1st FB acct, then into the 1st RZ acct in the app and take the poll. I sign out of the 1st FB acct and then sign in to the 2nd FB acct. I go back and click on the SD link again and when the app appears, I sign out of the 1st RZ acct and back in to the 1st RZ acct so the names match (FB and BB app), I found that to be the key to the whole thing, those names have to match even though that's not the name of the person on the actual RZ acct. I do the same thing all over again for the 2nd RZ account with the other 2 FB accts.