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Quote from fymfaholes View Post :
The reason this is a good deal is that the batteries are cheap relative to normal price AND you get a charger. But be aware, rapid chargers result in shorter battery life. Cheap ones are likely to be worse at it.

And these are not LSD (Low Self Discharge) as noted already. LSD hold a charge better without constantly requiring a trickle charge. And they hold it longer. There was just recently a deal for 12 for $13 for Tenergy AAA. Westinghouse is in the same category.

Still, if you are looking to buy rechargeable batteries and a charger, this is one of the cheapest deals I have seen.
THIS! "Fast Chargers" are nothing more than battery cookers! EVEN if the batteries that come in this set were any good they would die quickly by being fast charged.

To ME this is no deal at all!...shake head
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