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Quote from boltman2007 View Post :
Higher max theoretical throughput its an N750 (300/450) vs N600 (300/300) firmware I got was latest DEC 2012 mine was $11 more than this one

Also different chips
AR9580 chip and the latter an AR9582 (4.1 watts vs 4.6 watts on)
WDR4300 supports three data streams on that frequency while the WDR3600 supports two
Read more:

"N600, N750 and N900 all make the guarantee that simultaneous dual-band usage won’t impede the performance of any single network. With N600, users get 300 Mb/s on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. N750 ups the 5 GHz band to 450 Mb/s, and N900 gives you two simultaneous 450 Mb/s connections."

In realty as long as you are N600 or above you'll be happy... below is where you sacrifice by losing the simultaneous dual-band usage.

In most tests the 3600 performs the same as the 4300...but three antennas look cool
I never knew the "Nxxx" is the industry's standard when it comes to describing the specs of the routers. Cant wait to get mine today!
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