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Quote from chuckecheez View Post :
These types of comments always crack me up. Have you ever tried actually USING a 15" laptop with resolution greater than 1366x768? It SUCKS! I had one with 1920x1080 and hated it; text so small you couldn't make out anything. I finally had to scale it down to 1440x900 to be readable at all and of course running at non-native made everything sort of fuzzy. Must be people with much better eyesight than me but I wouldn't even consider anything finer than 1366x768 for a 15" laptop; go to a 17" if you want more resolution, or better yet just hook up to an external 22" or 24" LED monitor and then the default resolution doesn't matter.
i use to run everything at 800x600 because of my eyesight. Eventually (like a year ago), I realized you can modify the size of the text under the display settings. That made a huge difference so now I max out the resolution and set size to either 125 or 150 percent. I see things so much more clearly now then the lower resolution but still have the large text size.

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