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Quote from STi View Post :
True that. My laptop can handle 16gb ram but no way in the world I will upgrade to 8 to 16gb. The 8gb is should be enough for everyday needs and light gaming.

You Sir one in 10000. Not everyone runs J2EE app servers via ultrabooks or any pc at all. The normal people who visit SDs are average joes that buy laptops to surf Facebook and type documents.

At least in my household we don't keep multiple PCs in the living room where we spend a lot of time. We have one laptop that is not a heavy weight (think light browsing and youtube/skype etc for wife) . Yet I use it for casual development stuff when watching TV etc. Run a LAMP setup, have Visual Studio installed, Eclipse, a database for quick local poc work etc.

And yes most of my friends follow similar model. Exception is if they already have an Office laptop and are in a long running job/contract.