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Quote from athornton View Post :
They originally promised to send mine on Saturday for a Monday delivery and the Parallels + $100 GC + MagSafe 2 adapter (addition on my part) shipped on Saturday, while the laptop did not. I called on Monday and they said the laptop was still at the warehouse but it would definitely ship Monday. So on Tuesday I talked with numerous reps who all told me "It was delivered on Monday" until I explained (over and over) that that was one of two packages. They then said that because the label had been printed obviously FedEx had the box and wasn't delivering it (which isn't true since one rep clearly told me the warehouse confirmed it was still there).

Ultimately, I told them to cancel the laptop portion of the order and I would just pay for Parallels and the adapter (they can have the card back if they ask for it - I don't care about that)

I took the "refurbished" laptop I bought from Apple and it was a good choice - it ended up being a new one in refurb packaging with a 2.9GHz i7 in it instead of the 2.5GHz i5.

Unfortunately, I now see that they didn't cancel the order and they put the charge through - if they don't reverse it immediately I'll be forced to file a complaint with Chase.
a who? 2.97? how ?
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