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I'm posting this from 1 of 3 U2410's that I own. I've got them setup on an ATI Infinity setup. I've spent hours on it doing work, playing PC games, and have my Xbox 360 setup on it for BLOPS2. I've had zero complaints about ghosting, input lag, backlight issues, or color. Originally had a 20" NEC IPS display which was great, but had a glossy screen. Personally, I much prefer the anti-glare coating to the glossy screen. In fact, I only notice the anti-glare coating (barely) when the screen is bright white and if make an effort to focus on it.

I'd easily buy another if I had a need for it and have considered getting a U2711 or U3011, but just can't justify the $$$ since the U2410 does it all just as well, except on a smaller panel.