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Quote from LordAthens View Post :
I'll pass on the board. Floppy. FLOPPY?!

You'll constantly be waiting if you always wait for the next big thing. Haswell is panning out to be the same as going from Sandy to Ivy. 2-4% improvements. The only thing I haven't seen is how the on-die GPU stacks against SB or IB. That is supposed to be quite a huge improvement, blowing away AMD APU's which have the best on-die GPU performance. But IMO, if you're building a gaming rig, you should be using external GPU(s) anyhow. Sandy or Ivy's onboard is fine for 99% of non-gaming uses (and even for some gaming),

Stick with Ivy Bridge, even Sandy if you want to save a few bucks. The premium for Haswell isn't going to be worth it.
Intel says at minimum at least a 10% clock per clock speed increase over Ivy.
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