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Quote from 124nic8 View Post :
Feds say neo-Nazi with guns was tracking community leaders []

80%! And yet there are still those who oppose UBC. Why?

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So first I skimmed the Johns Hopkins reports which read more like an MSNBC piece rather than any legitimate study at all.. (because it's not a study, it's a report written specifically to cite reasons for more gun control).

so I then I came upon the quote you're referring to:

"Data from a national survey of inmates indicated that nearly 80 percent of those who had used a handgun in a crime had acquired it through a transaction with an individual who was not a licensed gun dealer"

no luck w/ the national survey of inmates.. but the first link I received was from the BJS. Which does contain the info from the Prison Inmate Survey.

Quote :
• In 1997 among State inmates possessing a gun, fewer than 2% bought their firearm at a flea market or gun show, about 12% from a retail store or pawnshop, and 80% from family, friends, a street buy, or an illegal source.
to be more specific (keep these are just the in-depth details to exactly what you quoted).

Quote :
Street/illegal source 39.2%
Friends or family 39.6%
Gun show 0.7%
Flea market 1.0%
Pawnshop 3.8%
Retail store 8.3%
I'll keep citing where your Hopkins report got their info..

Quote :
Less than 2% of inmates reported carrying a fully automatic or military-style semiautomatic firearm
Quote :
n 1997, 14% of State inmates who had used or possessed a firearm during their current offense bought or traded for it from a retail store, pawnshop, flea market, or gun show (table 8). Nearly 40% of State inmates carrying a firearm obtained the weapon from family or friends. About 3 in 10 received the weapon from drug dealers, off the street, or through the black market. Another 1 in 10 obtained their gun during a robbery, burglary, or other type of theft.
This statistics even cite the number could be larger for illegal purchasing stating:

Quote :
Between the two surveys the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 was enacted. The act requires background checks for persons purchasing firearms from
federally licensed firearm dealers. Changes in how inmates obtained firearms, when the two surveys are compared, may or may not reflect the requirements in the Brady Act. Inmates may have procured their firearm or entered prison before the Brady Act became effective in 1994.
so the actual statistics include people that may have purchased a gun before the Brady Act even went into effect...

so you think UBC will stop criminals from purchasing via: The 39.2% illegal street sales? The 39.6% from friends and family?

Try reading the actual data next time rather than the partisan B.S., which was named: "The Case for Gun Policy Reform in America". I'd encourage you to go through the statistics on inmates though.. they go on mention what characteristics were more prevalent in gun offenders. Some of them being parents being welfare recipients, low income, singe family homes, urban dwellers, parents were regular drug users, minimal education etc..

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