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Quote from m715 View Post :
I submitted 4 different smithmicro products in december and have received all four rebates, the items were all +purchased at newegg. If i remember correctly you have to send a copy of the product registration card with serial number in with the rebate, whether they use that or not I don't now, but that effectively kills any resell I would say...anyone else have an idea on that? I had just given them away to family who I thought might have fun with them as stocking suffers for christmas...

[EDIT] For a $5 newegg GC and now a new year I'll give it a shot...
Yeah, like I said, I received my SmithMicro rebate without issue, but I only did one. It actually came back relatively quickly if I remember right.

I just thought I'd share what I remembered someone else saying. I was tring to locate the thread, but I couldnt remember which product it was for, just that it was SmithMicro.

I remember that they required a completed product registration form and the serial # on both the rebate form itself and registration form. I wondered at the time what they do with that too.

Like you said, it does effecively kill any resale value because the license would be forever tied in your name. Probably a decent program though for free if the rebate comes back fine.

The $5 Newegg Promo Bonus helps too. Smilie