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Quote from engeler1 View Post :
OK, thanks for the advice! Appreciate it. Once upon a time I knew

- Component better than Coax
- S-video better than component
- 5 wire component better than video

But is getter away from me!Frown
your tv is newer than mine so it may not help, but my 2006 samsung tv will not output optical if an hdmi device is connected for some strange reason.

So I had to connect it to the optical out of the Directv box--which kind of sucks as the wii has to go through the tv sound unless I split the component cable from the wii, using a female rca/stereo to aux adapter and go through the aux port on the sound bar.

I did manage to get the directv remote to work with the soundbar by using the auto setup
feature.. you go to

menu on directv,
remote control
program remote
and go through the auto program setting an audio device for AV1, then find samsung, and it didn't have this exact model but the code for HWC450 worked for me.

I can now adjust the volume with the directv remote set normally, and power the soundbar on and off if the remote is switched to av1. I've not been able to change the source for the soundbar.. but I'm better off than I had been.

also allows me to pressure a bit for a new tv