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Quote from zipdab View Post :
suprised this isn't getting more attention...seems like a decent deal for those of us that can't find the Lenovo at OD to PM due to it being OOS....
It's not bad at all. Only negatives (keeping price in mind):

No bluetooth
Thick at 1.31"
Heavy at 5.4lbs.
Plastic shell is pretty cheap looking
Even with a 6 cell, battery life is only 4 hours. In real life, that probably means 2.5 hours with adequate brightness and balanced performance.

But the big plus is the CPU passmark is 3501. That's very solid at this price.

With tax, this comes out to just under $330. I picked up a used Samsung 5 series ultrabook on Cowboom for $20 more with a 2nd gen i5 and previous gen GPU. Love it, but it's not as fast as this, and when a battery dies in an ultrabook, it's either impossible to swap, or will run you $100+. I'd probably still buy the Samsung again because of the thickness, aluminum shell, and build quality.

But if you want something new with a warranty, and you don't need to carry it back and forth daily, this is a definite consideration. Just make sure to demo in store first. Track pad can make or break a laptop, and some of these entry level laptops can't get it right.